Dan Squyres
Scandia City Council


Fiscal Responsibilty
Scandia currently has a relatively low tax rate, and I would like to keep it that way. I think realistic long-term planning and big picture thinking are essential to maintaining fiscal discipline. ​​
I also think, when appropriate, we need to "put our money where our mouth is."  For instance, if we want to have good parks, we need to find funding for them.  I don't think there is much value to giving lip service to support an issue without providing adeqate recources.

Land Use/Managed Growth

I do not support massive growh in Scandia.  However, we will inevitably grow, and managing that growth is the key.  As a city council member, I will support polices that encourage growth in the right way, a way that preserves the parts of the community that we hold dear. 

Ed Mcmahon, a city planning expert at the Urban Land Institute told the leaders of Portland, Oregon, “Portland can grow without losing the things you love.”  I believe the same is true for Scandia, and when I am elected I will make sure that is true.

Protecting Water Resources

While working on the new Scandia Comprehensive Plan, I learned a lot about the sensitive and important water resources we have in our town.  On the planning commission I strongly supported protecting our waters, and as council member I will continue to carry the torch for this concern. This is one of the most important issues facing Scandia and Minnesota today. 

Character Development

Scandia residents were surveyed prior to our work on the comprehensive plan which revealed that one of the most important features of our town is its rural character and small town charm. The comp. plan supports this, and as a council member I will prioritize preserving and enhancing these qualities. This would involve maintaining open spaces and agricultural districts, encouraging small farm enterprises, and encouraging a majority of growth around the village center while supporting established architectural guidelines.
Creating a Happy and Healthy Community
Scandia has so much going for it that it may seem hard to come up with ways to improve it. There are, however, things we can do now that will improve the quality of life for our current residents and for generations to come.  I would like to explore ways to make Scandia more walkable and rideable, improve access to outdoor activities and exercise options, and encourage community gatherings. Some steps are already being made to further these causes, and as a council member I would support these activities and  facilitate further worthwhile programs.  
Internet Access
The current state of internet access in Scandia is limiting business activities and frustrating private users. There is currently a lot of work being done on this issue by the city council and the internet committee. As a council member I will support these efforts. I prefer a solution that does not involve Frontier, but I am open to exploring any solution that provides legitimate solutions for the people of Scandia.