Dan Squyres
Scandia City Council
About Dan Squyres
I'm not the type of person to say, "Someone should do something about that." I say, "I'll do something about that!"
                                                 I am proud to make my home in Scandia,       
                                           where I've lived for the past five years. I've
                                           lived all around the country and have been
​                                           able to find beauty and value in each
                                           community and landscape, but I am happy to
​                                           have settled here in Scandia with my family.  

​​I grew up in the mountains of California and am so thankful to be able to raise my family in a rural area. I deeply enjoy the outdoors, fishing, camping, managing our small flock of hens (and three funny ducks), eliminating all the buckthorn I can get my hands on, chopping wood, a good joke, and spending time with my family. Last year, I got the chance to coach my son's 1st grade baseball team and was encouraged to see how much progress the boys made throughout the season. Go Scandia Cardinals!  My family and I joyfully attend Watermark Church in Stillwater.

I work as a Deputy Assessor for Chisago County and have a background in management and Real Estate. I believe in being good stewards of our resources and building strong communities. I actively participate in those principles in my daily life by living in an intergenerational household.  My wife Emily and I and our three children live together with my in-laws, and my wife's grandfather as well. I see the benefit of strong relationships between these four generations: from my 97-year old grandfather (in-law), down to my youngest child.

I am deeply passionate about city planning and proper land management and have been on the Scandia Planning Commission for five years, two of those as Chair, and one as Vice-Chair.  Prior to that, I served on the Oak Park Heights Planning Commission.

I am a community connector, as is evidenced when I initiated our Nextdoor.com site, which  includes 847 members and has since spread throughout the St. Croix River Valley to 11 nearby communities, none of whom had used the neighborhood networking site beforehand! 

I am passionate about discussing our town, what makes it so special, and innovative ideas to maintain what we love while enhancing and protecting a vision for the future.  Feel free to contact me with your ideas!

Hiking with my sons at Beaver Creek Valley State Park
Summer 2018