Dan Squyres
Scandia City Council
  1. Experienced
    I have served 5 years on the Scandia Planning Commission, 2 years as Chairperson and 1 year as Vice Chair. I also previously served on the planning commission in Oak Park Heights, MN. I am also involved in local government in my day job as an assessor.
  2. Passion + Action
    As a member of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and as Chair of the Planning Commission, I helped create a plan that will guide Scandia forward. With this plan, Scandia can grow in a way that maintains character, improves the environment, enables businesses to prosper and preserves our heritage. All at the same time.
  3. Reasonable
    Count me in for a good conversation about the issues. I listen and learn. I don't make decisions before hearing all the details. I am willing to be convinced of someone else's viewpoint. But I will always try to do what's best for Scandia, even if that means making a tough decision.

Keeping Scandia Special
Scandia is a unique and wonderful place...
I want to work to keep it that way and enhance its finer qualities.  Right now we stand at a crossroads of change. We can grow and become  a victim of suburban sprawl, or we can manage growth and capitalize on our strengths and maintain the features that make our community special.

Let's work together to make Scandia a happy and healthy city that is  welcoming to everyone and known far and wide for the things that make it memorable.

Please vote  for Dan Squyres for Scandia City Council on Tuesday, November 6.
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"Town centers inevitably change over time, but such
changes need not erase a community’s special character."
Randall Arendt,
Greener Prospects